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14th February 2018

Sponsorship activation - the most powerful communication tool

What is sponsorship activation?

First, let us quickly explain what sponsorship is, we mean real sponsorship. Sponsorship for us here at TXM Sports is the ability to engage with a target market place on an unprecedented level. Yes, you get awareness and media metrics but we know strategic sponsorship is also about enhanced positive experiences for the consumer/supporter which, when delivered well, puts your brand directly into the recall segment of your frontal lobe (part of the brain where we make decisions, also described as the control panel).

Some of the misconceptions or could we say ‘an historical approach to sponsorship’ is when a brand purchases a space on the team shirt or stadia to ‘badge’ and thinks that is enough.

We are all the same, we may notice brand X when it first arrives on the new design of the home shirt, but then it quickly becomes white noise to our eyes due to the amount of advertising we are saturated with daily.

So why then can sponsorship be the most powerful communication tool in your business’s armoury?

Well, that is easy. It is through sponsorship ACTIVATION. If your deal offers you the opportunity to engage with the supporters, whether they be on the terraces, in hospitality or even in their front rooms at home. By enhancing the experience of the consumer your brand will become a part of what your target audience loves and then it hits them on an emotional level.

Your brand is no longer hoping for REFLECTED glory of the club or team, it is now directly involved in the glorious thing they love. That connects to emotions which connects to memories and when it comes to deciding which brand they want to use next time they purchase goods your brand comes to the front of the mind. Now that is powerful marketing, marketing specifically connected to our emotions.

So how can you activate? There are a number of tried and tested areas in which you can deliver your programme:

  • Digital activation via website and social media

We have to say this is one of our favourite methods of engagement (which is why we have placed it first). As the digital world and especially great social media platforms allow businesses to interact with entire communities (tens of thousands if not more) in a really manageable way which includes doing on a BUDGET. It offers a massive punch for LOW COST.


Other popular activation  

  • Direct interaction on the concourses, Fanzones or hospitality suites

    • Not many marketing activities allows the Brand to directly enhance a day out for a target market - sponsorship does!

  • Integration of your traditional marketing platforms and your sponsorship

    • Vlogs and blogs and news content with relevant messages to the target audience allows you to entertain, educate and increase brand awareness


This is just a few of tried and tested ways to activate a sponsorship, but there are many more. 

If you are interested in sponsorship and/or already sponsor but would like to discuss how this can be delivered on a budget, contact us on for a chat.


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