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29th January 2018

Why sponsorship works - how it affects the target market

You are looking to use sponsorship to enhance your brand, but you are not totally sure how it will affect your target market.

Successful sponsorship activation will place the target market at the forefront of the campaign; they are the key stakeholders who matter to you, and sponsorship delivered correctly is a powerful channel to connect those stakeholders to your brand through the ‘reflected glory’ of that sport, persona or high profiled event.

For a brewery; sport does not sell the beer, the fans buy the beer. The sponsorship is used as a powerful influencer in the brewery’s communication plan.

Sponsorship is the most emotional and personal of all marketing media, and when you combine it with the supporters’ motivations and influences you trigger powerful responses, helping your brand to create meaningful and long lasting relationships with these target markets.

All fans who follow a sports club, follow it for one main reason; the sport, it is the one thing they all have in common. They want to see their team play the sport they love. For sponsorship activation to be successful, it needs to target the main love of any fan; the sport. If the sponsor brings more of what they love to the fans’ mobiles, laptops and gameday experience in a positive manner, then the sponsor will have successfully placed their company into the forefront of the fans frontal lobe of the brain, connecting it with emotional expressions and memories.

Sponsorship activation is giving something to the target market which enhances their experience. It does not intrude on their current viewing, instead it becomes a part of what they wait all week to enjoy.

Imagine that, your customers talking about your brand just like they talk about their favourite team! Powerful!

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